Calabria and Tropea

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Coast of the Gods (Costa degli Dei)

Coast of the Gods (Costa degli Dei) It is a section of the coast of Calabria with sandy beaches with a total length of over 55 km. It stretches from the town of Zambrone to the coast of Sicily. The entire coast is quite mountainous, which completes the beautiful scenery even more. Almost all beaches are sandy with crystal clear emerald water. The area is therefore very suitable for diving and watching underwater life. Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that some beaches are only accessible on foot or from a boat, so you may feel like a VIP guest.

Capo Vaticano and beaches

If you go by train, get off at the Ricadi C.LE stop. The town itself is small, it basically consists only of hotels, guesthouses and villas for guests. There is only one general store and grocery store, but pay attention to the opening hours (8:30-12:30, 16:30-19:00). The Italian siesta cannot be denied, and some restaurants are also closed at that time. If you were looking for cigarettes, you can buy them opposite in the hotel. There is a machine in front of the reception, but you have to show your Italian ID (ask the receptionist) and you can only pay in cash. Since, as I wrote, the entire coast is basically mountainous, you have to go down the hill to the beaches (it's worse on the way back), so fitness is guaranteed. However, some hotels, especially the more remote ones, offer shuttle buses at certain intervals.

I was staying at the home hotel Le Terrazze. About 30 minutes from the train station, but 5 minutes to the nearest beach. Also a very friendly host. I recommend paying extra for dinner, on the one hand, the locals cook excellently, and on the other hand, there are not many dining options in the city. A great bonus is the beautiful view directly from the terrace to the nearby Spiaggia di Santa Maria beach.