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  • For PC, tablet and mobile
  • LIVE orders
  • Your branding
  • Multi language

Order menu feature beach resorts, restaurants, hotels... Experience a new level of convenience with our online order menu and dedicated app for placing orders.

Easy setup

  • QR codes

    You can use QR codes for order menu everywhere you want. E. g. on the sunbeds, on the tables...

    Customers only scan QR codes and they will get on your Food and Drinks menu. Then they can order everything they want, whenever they want and don't have to wait for a waiter.

    You have to only confirm they orders and bring orders them. It is easy don't you think?

  • multilanguage

    The key benefits of a multilanguage application are the improved user experience and worldwide accessibility. By expanding your audience and engaging individuals in their native tongues, you may improve retention and satisfaction.

  • Categories

    You can use categories for your Food and Drinks menu. It is clear for customers and easy way to find their favourite snack or drink.

  • Realtime availability

    You can change availability of Food and Drinks during all day. You can use for it our admin panel.

  • Custom design

    Do you have your own Food and Drinks menu with logo and your own colors, but you want use it in application? It is no problem. We can customize it to app. We can help you with your logo and choose the best colors for your resort.

how it works for your customers?Elevate your resort stay with seamless sunbed dining experience.

  • 1Open MENU (from QR code or your web)
  • 2Add items to order
  • 3Enter sunbed place

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