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Our website offers a seamless online booking feature exclusively for sunbeds. Do you have incoming call for reservation or any reservation from your customer for other time? No problem, you can reserve it by admin panel.

Easy setup

Sunbed variants

Do you have only one sunbed variant on your beach resort? Or do you have more? It doesnt matter. You can easy set-up all your sunbed variants with umbrella or without umbrella.

Add sunbed variant in admin

Universal positioning

  • Quantity mode

    Reservations will be only possible for the number of sunbeds you have.

  • Lines mode

    Customers will reserve sunbeds in specific rows.

  • Grid mode - lines with columns

    Customers will reserve specific physical sunbed.

  • Layout (photo / image)


You can set different prices for week days or for TOP season holidays.


You can set-up prices depends on number of guests and additional services. For example you can create “All-inclusive” or “Extra seat” package.


You can manage your availability of sunbeds. If you have open only one, two or more sections of your resort on the start or on the end of season it is easy to plane it.

how it works for your customers?bring the best experience for your customers.

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